Classroom Technology

Classlink login Screen


Classlink is designed to help teachers and students spend more time teaching and learning and less time logging in. It solves the problem of too many passwords and wasted instructional time on login attempts.  Known as a single sign-on, Classlink gives users access to all apps, files and digital resources from any device with just one password.  What is ClassLink?



Grades Pre-K through 2nd are equipped with five iPads per classroom. Teachers have the ability to utilize the lightweight touch screens for individualized, small group instruction. These classrooms also have access to additional laptop carts should the lesson require a 1:1 environment.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Duncanville ISD uses Google Workspace Applications for students including Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Classroom and Gmail. Working within our secure educational domain ensures compliance with COPPA and FERPA.  These services contain no advertising and student data is not used for advertising purposes.


Interactive Projector

Interactive projectors convert any standard whiteboard into an exciting interactive surface. Anything that can be done from a computer monitor, can be replicated on the interactive whiteboard at the front of the room, creating an engaging classroom environment. 

Ladibug Document Camera


Ladibug Document Camera

Document cameras allow teachers to take what used to be an individual assignment or demonstration and turn them into class assignments, creating a collaborative discussion and interaction.  Teachers are able to take physical objects and display them on the projector screen.


Individual Laptops

Grades 3rd through 8th are equipped with 7 laptops per classroom. Locked and stored in stationary cabinets, these devices are ready for use at any given time for teaching and learning. These classrooms also have access to additional laptop carts should the lesson require a 1:1 environment.


Sound Systems

Core content classrooms are equipped with four ceiling mounted speakers and a lanyard microphone which provide equal distribution of sound anywhere in the room. Boosting confidence and class participation, teachers and students using the microphone can speak in a normal tone of voice creating a calm learning environment. "Learning begins with hearing."
Why use Sound Systems?


Toshiba Portege Z20t

Duncanville ISD teachers are issued a 2 in 1 laptop.  These portable devices are lightweight and offer mobility and functionality by easily transforming from a touchscreen laptop to a tablet. With two detachable keyboards, teachers are able to minimize the need for plugging and unplugging peripherals on a daily basis.

Laptop Cart

Laptop Carts

Grades 7th through 12th have access to numerous laptop carts. These carts provide a mobile 1:1 environment that can be utilized from any location within the building creating an equitable technology-rich environment for students.