Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In a technology-driven world, many students and staff chose to bring and use their devices within the district for educational purposes. In order to access the Internet, users must first authenticate using a network called “DISD-BYOD”. If you or the students you serve need assistance accessing the Bring Your Own Devices network, resources can be found by selecting the links below.


Connecting to Wi-FI with a Personal Device

  • WiFi-Connecting to DISD-BYOD [Idea Guide]
  • WiFi-Connecting to DISD-BYOD for Mobile Devices [Video]


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: Is it required to enter a username and password?
Answer:  Yes, all Duncanville ISD users must enter their credentials and accept the policy certificate.


Question: Can I use DISD-BYOD on an Android and iPhone?
Answer:  Yes, instructions can be found for both on the Duncanville ISD Student website.


Question: Why does my device show that I have access to the Wifi, but my “cellular strength” icon is low?
Answer:  Mobile devices connect via cellular technology through the use of cellular towers. You might notice that there is a Sprint cellular tower in the parking lot of Duncanville High School. Sprint users will have a higher signal strength than AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon because the towers for these particular providers are much further away than the Sprint tower. The District is looking at solutions to increase or “boost” cellular strength in specific locations.